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Transition resource center

Optum Financial is excited to bring you and your employees more value and choice with enhancements to your health account solutions. Visit this page to stay informed as we prepare to launch your new experience.

What to expect

A new administrative employer portal

to manage employee demographics, contributions, plan eligibility and more. An easy-to-navigate dashboard, key performance indicators and a robust reporting suite will save you time and streamline managing employee benefits throughout the account lifecycle.

An enhanced online portal and mobile app

providing your employees with additional features and functionality to streamline how they manage their accounts. Our fully integrated technology platform drives employee engagement through advanced analytics, enhanced investment offerings and communications tailored to your employees' stage of health saving and spending.

An innovative product suite

robust analytics, improved reporting capabilities and payment network, designed to work with all employers, regardless of insurance carrier, and integrate with various health plans, benefits administrators, wellness platforms and 401(k) vendors.

Important dates

October 6, 2021

  • This is the last day you can enroll individuals or update demographic information in the MyCDH employer portal.
  • This is also the last day your employees can update their account profile information (i.e. address, contact info, name) at

October 7 - 14, 2021

  • Your MyCDH employer portal will be set to read-only access for 8 days in preparation for the enhancement launch.
  • During this time, you can sign in to run reports and submit contributions, but cannot modify demographic information or enroll new employees.

October 14, 2021

  • This is the last day your employees can complete account activities at or via the MyCDH by Optum mobile app and make purchases with their current payment card.

October 15, 2021

  • Beginning on this date, access HRcommand at the new Optum Financial website. As of October 15, you will no longer be able to access your MyCDH administrative account.

October 15 - 21, 2021

  • Your employees' MyCDH accounts will be set to read-only access for 7 days. 
  • During this time, they can view funds but cannot complete account activities such as transactions and reimbursement requests. 
  • Your employees' current payment card will be inactivated as of October 15 and a new card will be issued.
  • Your employees will still have access to view funds in their account(s).
  • HSA investors will be able to view investment balances and transaction history but cannot submit any trades during this time. This includes investment buys, sells and exchanges. Any recurring investment sweeps they may have setup will be turned off.

October 22, 2021

  • Your employees will access their account at the new Optum Financial website. As of October 22, they will no longer have access to their MyCDH account.
  • Your employees will be instructed to watch for a new Optum Financial payment Visa® card to arrive in the mail by October 22, which they’ll need to access their account for the first time.
  • For HSA investors, assets will transfer-in-kind to the new platform, ensuring their investments are not out of market. As of October 22, they will have full access to their investment account and will be able to submit any transactions they wish to make.

What do I need to do?

As we work to deliver these enhancements, we’ll notify you of any action required to enable the updates. We’ll also send a series of communications to your employees, leading up to October 22, to educate and prepare them for what’s ahead. Please check back here for more details in the coming weeks.

ACH debit verification

To fund HSA contributions, Optum Bank will debit your designated corporate account via ACH (must be a checking account).* Some banks require an Originator ID for verifications when large ACH debits are presented. Please provide the number 2438487712 as the Originator ID authorizing Optum Bank to debit your corporate account for HSA contribution funding. Ensure that ACH limits are above the amount that will be debited from the account for contribution funding.

*If you do not currently have a bank account on file, please see the FAQ below.

New Optum Financial website

The new website is now live. It features a page dedicated to health accounts so you can easily sign in to your administrative portal, HRcommand, and your employees can access their account and find tools and educational resources - all in one place.

HealthSafe ID®

We’re excited to offer an enhanced, secure way for your employees to sign in to their accounts. HealthSafe ID uses two-factor authentication and the latest technology to keep our accounts safe and secure.

When your employees access their account for the first time at, they’ll be prompted to create a HealthSafe ID username and password. If they already have a HealthSafe ID that they use to access other Optum or UnitedHealthcare websites, they can sign in with their current credentials.


HRcommand - Your new employer account management system

An easy-to-navigate dashboard and one-click access to reports and digital tools lets you save time and streamline managing employee benefits throughout the account lifecycle.

HRcommand user guide


HRcommand video


HRcommand overview


Frequently asked questions